End of year 12 & nice food :)

Friday 21st July 2017

The last day of year 12.

After what felt like a rollercoaster of events, the end of the school year had finally arrived 🙂

We were finally finished



Forever (for 6 weeks)
Year 12 has been an absolute mess, but a lot of fun, but a big mess. The new friends I have made this year have without a doubt brought a positive light to the whole sixth form experience and making memories with old pals too. But it’s inevitably been a struggle and I havnt always enjoyed it. I fully am buzzing for summer I cannot wait 🙂

After work I went to the annual end of the year party. It was a fun fun night consisting of plenty of dancing until it began raining and thundering so everyone shortly gathered packed under one canopy which was cosy. Here are some pics:

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I recently bit the bullet and finally purchased a Polaroid camera. I have literally wanted one forever and ever and I’m so happy I finally have one (despite the pain in my bank account)      (but it’s worth it). And because I’m totally so extra I got it in baby yellow and looking at it warms my heart. So tonight I took my first pictures and I absolutely adore them:


Not too long ago we had sports day and i found this cute video of me an my pal Georgia. it was one of the hottest, sunniest days and we were helping out run the events for the younger years. Stressful but fun.

Saturday 22nd July

Hot chocolate and marshmallows 🙂

Today was spent with my best friend.

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Caitlin and I are famous for our incredible hot chocolate creations so it was traditional that we indulged on another. With marahemallows, plenty of cream, drizzled Nutella and a bit of Flake we were helllllaaaa content. We also took the risk and melted roasted marshmallows in the living room. We made s’mores and it was divine 🙂 happy happy times

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We binge watched some films and chatted until we fell asleep. It was a good sesh.


We woke up to a stunning breakfast that looked very pretty.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Later that day we attended a cute little BBQ with all of our family which was lovely. Spending time with with my favourite people is something I value so so incredible much. Although the middle of summer, it still managed to rain on us but nevertheless we still had a good day. I have eaten far far too much food during the past 48 hours for someone who’s supposedly on a diet but I mean #noregrets ??





Ruby x


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