Saturday 8th July 2017


Saturday 8th July 2017

Today was a good day.

However, it was bitter sweet as I took part in my last ever London Youth Games at Crystal Palace (never been a fan of that pool) . Being a competitor for the past 5 years, I remember this being one of my favourite competitions. Not only due to the annual challenge of ‘who can collect the most water bottles’, but also due to the cheerful atmosphere and the fact that it’s a not so serious event so its just enjoyable. Forimg_5078 the first 2 years, I took part in the aquathlon as well as swimming, but after discovering how much I hated running, it was my decision to just stick to the swimming for the following years. We had a good team including my good pal Bethan who swims for Bexley which made the whole thing a lot more fun. We swam two 50m relays for IM and Freestyle, and I also had my 50bc individual. The day was rather successful as we gained second place in the freestyle relay and in fact our female team positioned second overall, shortly behind Bromley. Therefore I was rather content leaving the day with 2 silver medals and it was good to go out on a high. It was a beautiful sunny day too which was perfect for all of the sports to take place and also everywhere just looked pretty. It was a really lovely experience that I will always remember and cherish the fun memories.

Here are some throwback pictures to my first ever London Youth Games: (i look so young haha)

fullsizerender 4



8 o'clock

I finished of a busy day with a little gathering with many of the swimming people. I was round Lewis’ house and it was fun to have all the swim lot meet up outside of the pool. To my absolute delight, one of my bestest friends Tash was there, I hadnt seen her in forever since shes been at uni so I was so happy to finally be reunited. The night was good, I had a chance to catch up with some of the adults, then we cooked a few pizzas along with some chicken nuggets which was clearly the highlight of my night 🙂 Me and Tash made many lit plans for the summer so hopefully we’re gonna have a lot of fun. Here’s a cute pic of me and Maddie:


Ruby x


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