Somerset – 3rd to 5th July 2017

Monday 3rd to 5th July 2017

Da best few days in a long while.

Filled me with a load of happiness. yay

Monday 3rd July-

It was a huge struggle getting to school for half 6 and still being half asleep, my schools geography class loaded onto the coach setting of on our journey (little did we know it was going to take a whole 6 hours). Although very much buzzing for the next few days, the coach was silent to begin with as everyone was asleep. Surprisingly I was rather IMG_1993comfortable and managed to have a super deep nap until we arrived at the service station for a quick wee break. Although it was only 9am it had felt like I’d been awake forever and food was the only thing on my mind. I stocked up on food from Burger king, not really my favourite but my stomach was calling. Also grabbed a quick Costa to have on the coach, yk just the necessities ūüôā Yet again, me and Carla were late to be back on the coach so had to make a highly dramatic sprint back much to the teachers annoyance but whats kneww?

For the next part of the journey we were generally more awake. This meant that da tunez were banging. Of course, I provided the speaker and my pal took role as DJ as we entertained the entire back half of the coach with our soothing voices (or just pouring our hearts into the Bruno karaoke) (either way it was fun).

(TMI WARNING) The journey continued as I shamelessly lost control of my bladder and had to admit defeat to the wee that had been building up for hours and hours. I had to make the embarrassing trek down through the coach to the toilet whilst simultaneously trying to maintain my balance while being thrown around the coach (the countryside has bumpy roads). Once I made it I also remember almost sliding off the loo completely… must have been a hella big bump. ¬†It was a very tragic experience.

Too my utter disappointment, it was now (a few hours later) that I ate my Burger which was completely cold and i’m not really a fan of cold fries either so I just took that L on da chin.


6 hours later we FINALLY made it however the journey really didn’t seem to long but I¬†have literally always loved coach journeys especially with fab company. Anyway, I knew we were nearing as the roads were getting thinner and bendier and as we travelled away from urban civilisation everything became more beautiful. The little¬†cottages and¬†villages made up of no more than 10 houses were so pretty and i could just imagine living somewhere like that myself. utter goals. The sky was bright and blue and obviously that makes everything 10 times more stunning: here is a pic of my stunning friend too that I took.

We arrived and I was overwhelmed by the pure beauty of the majestic building that was to be our home for the next few days. It towered so incredibly high and I was memorised by how grand it looked. We later found out that the building was around 300 years old and along with its intricate beauty, it reminded me so much of Hogwarts.

Initially there were already a few schools awaiting on the front lawn who eyed us up as we went to our rooms. I shared a room with 6 other girls: Carla, Georgina, Emily, Jordan, Etty and Eloise. Our room completely excelled all my expectations and i was absolutely so completely totally happy. It was a relatively basic room but i twas weird how content I felt. I bugseyd top bunk of course. These pictures were taking within 3 seconds of entering our room.

The BIgGesT struggle was yet to come. I naively underestimated the hUGe challenge that I next was having to overcome….

Making ……….the…….. bed

Yes, it was much harder that it seemed and I will just leave that there.


After a while of settling in and a chilling in the sun we made it back on the coach where we travelled to a beach half an hour away. Again, I jumped at the opportunity to take in all the scenery around us on the journey there the ruralness just was mesmorisingly stunnniingg. It was a pretty walk to the beach passing plenty of donkeys and sheep along the way through a carpet of greenery. We had to carry out a few geographical analysis when on the beach however my attention was mainly on how to control my hair in this wind???. and a top not was the answer : ) It was sunny, warm and just a tad windy but it was a great first impression of the area.

Meal no1 was slightly interesting. They gave us some kind of chicken stir fry thingy which was nothing special but it was okay. Obviously the only spare seats in the grand hall were opposite a group of lads. Of course I felt obliged to sit there and create some conversation as it was slightly awkward. I found out that they were from Reading and little did we know that it was these same lads that were to become part of some great memories.

It was now officially our ‘free time’ until 10:30 where the door would close. This first night consisted of some exploring and was where we really began to discover all the¬†IMG_2017areas of the place where we were staying. Whilst the boys where playing a highly intense game of football, Carla and I escaped to an empty space (although pretty much¬†everywhere was as silent as the next) to find a bench where we enjoyed aIMG_2015 lovely cup of coffee accompanied by playing ‘The Killers’ to have a little jam to. Out boys returned and we then climbed up this huge hill as it was the only place to receive just 1 bar of signal if you’re lucky. Totally forgot to mention that we had no signal and extremely poor little to no WiFi. Usually I would crumble at the face of this disaster but it truthfully did not bother me one bit, in fact I found it very refreshing to escape the business of the online world for a while.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Once at the top of the mountain(hill) and after a few moments of recovery, my¬†IMG_4536friends and I managed to take a few cute pics which I absolutely adore . We chilled up here for a while as the view was so stunning. I couldn’t get over the fat IMG_4535that it was half 9 in the evening as was still such a bright sky. I was surrounded by buzzing flying creature and was probably lying on rabbit poo but I fully appreciated the nature and every beautiful part of Gods creation. It was a wonderful moment to look out upon the stillness of everything we could see before us our our view travelled for miles. I felt so blooming content. We took a Polaroid to saver the moment.

I will forever be grateful for my wonderful brain that reminded me to bring along my¬†pillow as this was an ABsoLUTe life saver. The pillow there was far to fluffy and I couldn’t begin the imagine the struggle I would have had to experience in order to sleep. After a queue of 7 other girls for the shower, we went to bed and was shortly asleep. Today was an uplifting, fun day and it had definitely tired all our energy. Lights switched off and alarms set for 7:15am.

Tuesday 4th July 2017

I remember being abruptly awoken by about 3 different alarms and somehow I managed to sleep again for another half hour. I then woke at 8 and came to the conclusion that I¬†IMG_4639should probably get up as breakfast was in 15 minutes. Oops. It was a good sleep though I didn’t fall out of the top bunk which has always been my irrational fear. Breakfast fast consisted of baked beans, a hash brown and a sausage which was fairly decent. We had to then have an hour lesson which I admit was not fun at all however it was a chance to make friends with people I’d never spoken to before which was fun. This morning was slightly more cloudy and a tad rainy but we loaded onto the coach and made our way to the beautiful town of Watchit. Here we carried out some surveys and questionnaires but generally had a few hours to just explore the area. The cobbled streets had little pretty houses in all arrays of colours, the pink one was obviously my fave.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Among rows of the cute independent cafes, to my delight there was a co-op which was the only glimpse of reality that I could relate to the place. We stocked up on food for lunch and made our way back home (hogwarts).

The sun joined us for the afternoon and for our lunch break we just chilled and played (tried to) a bit of football. Me and Mitch also went into the field of cows which was much more intimidating than I thought. After being mooed at quite a few times some of the cows (which I think were bulls) were edging closer, therefore thought it was time to make a quick escape.

However, the majority of the afternoon was spent in classes to evaluate our discoveries in the town. Apart from a short cake & coffee break this took us up to dinner. Dinner for day no 2 I really enjoyed, it was chilli and jacket but I went slightly overboard with the tortilla chips and cheese. After a final lesson until 8, we then had the evening to ourselves and this was definitely the highlight of my trip.
The Reading boys invited us (Carla and I) to a game of football which never actually happened but was a good excuse to start conversation. The Reading boys, Carla, Mitch and I made the trek up the famous mountain (hill), Mitch leading the way, and despite being told several horror story’s about people running down too fast and ending up in hospital due the the shire steepness, Mitch still decided it was a great idea to rollypolly down the entity of the mountain (hill) which made my stomach turn but was great entertainment.
The signal was near enough extinct which was a great reason to completely ditch my phone for the evening (apart from picture taking ofc).
We found a sweet, cosy little campfire area at the top of the hill where we really engaged with the Reading boys and got to know them. It was a cute atmosphere to remember, deep flowing conversations between complete strangers, laughter, accompanied IMG_4985by¬†IMG_4739subtle music on the speaker, in to most beautiful landscape. We must have been talking for hours because i had gone 10 o’clock when we decided to go exploring. Our restrictions were up to the hella old trees which had been fenced off from our access, however, being the rebels that we are, we managed to climb round and set off further up the mountain (hill). We came to a huge open field, lit only by the the moon light, and was bless by the picturesque site.

We could see a glimpse of the sunset all the way across the other end of the field and it was our mission to follow it to gain the perfect view. It was pitch black dark and the grass we were walking through reached our knees I generally had no idea what I could have been stepping on. Me leading the way, running ahead being the little child I am, we eventually made it to the end, everyone still alive. a formation of words cannot describe have beautiful the sunset was. We could see fields and hills and little houses for hundreds of miles.cropped-img_47481.jpg

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Reading lads meet Townley lads ft. sunset

This picture doesn’t even do it any justice. We got a group pic and a Polaroid in front of the view and this was a very wonderful moment as you could feel the sense of contentment and happiness from everyone which was lovely.¬†It was then when we realised that the time had surpassed half past 10 meaning the doors back at the house were closing. With us currently being miles away it was funny to see all the boys start to panic. We absolutely sprinted back across the field trying our best not to trip or fall as we could not see where our feet IMG_5030¬†were stepping. The funniest moment was heading back down through the trees where I fully slid down onto my¬†bum which is just typical to happen to me and this became a reoccurring thing at least happening another two times on the journey. We snuck in and made said goodbyes and made our way back to our rooms. Still absolutely buzzing from such a good night it took a while until I was ready to sleep but soon enough we were all asleep.

Wednesday 5th July 


Waking up today was sad knowing we were leaving today but I was just set to make the most of the final time we have here. After beginning the morning stripping the beds (which was much easier that making them), we went to breakfast which was gorgeous and Carla, Georgina and I ate outside (my wonderful idea) since it was such a sunny morning. The weather today was insane, there was not a single cloud in the sky and at half 8 it was already so hot, I was absolutely loving it.

We had a short lesson where we decided that today we wanted to return to town for our final data collection, but mainly just to continue exploring the cute little places. The weather was incredible (already mentioned but I loved it) and the day was just glorious. Me, Carla, Georgina, Mitch and Isaac walked round town together chatting and enjoying ourselves taking plenty of pictures.


We popped into co-op again for lunch and I bought everyone a much need calippo. We IMG_0945sat outside some prettty houses whilst we ate and got the opportunity to make friends with some of the locals. Everyone in the town was so friendly and would come up and say high and have the most bizarre conversations. Us three girls had a mini photo shoot in front of a cute pink house. The flowers were jus 2 qt.

We sat and chilled for a while and it definitely was here where we all got a little sun burnt. We had about an hour left so we decided to attempt to reach the sea front. We had to walk through and around a few boats then we reached a stunning view which stretched far along the coast.


Mitch and I climbed down the steepness and went to the waters edge. I was literally being a kid but I was loving ittttt. Although there were several near death incidences with falling and slipping of rocks but lucking we came back up alive.

To my utter sadness we had to board the coach setting of for a hot & IMG_4981sweaty¬†journey¬†home. The journey home was much quicker and with the accompaniment of The Lion King it was much better. After sleeping for a few hours and a quick wee break we made it back to school at 8 o’clock.

I had generally had some of the best days of my year and was so sad to return back to reality. It was so refreshing to escape from all the burdens and stress of life at home. I also really appreciated the lack of phone use and it was a healthy break from social media. It made me remember how much I just want to go travelling to explore all of these new places as they are my favourite memories. I’m so happy I had the chance to spend an amazing few days with the loveliest friends, even though it was just a small break in the countryside, it felt much more special.

Here are some more pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ruby x


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